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Stoney Creek Golf Center’s miniature golf is an eighteen hole course that is great for children and adults of all ages. Set amongst beautiful, natural landscaping and a backdrop of a tranquil waterfall and cascading Stoney Creek, you will notice that there aren’t many obstacles. However, each hole has its subtleties, difficulties, and breaks which make it unique.







COURSE RULES: Play is at your own risk. 
1. Limit four players per group if crowded
2. Ball hit off playing surface - one stroke penalty, place ball where it went off
3. Six stroke limit per hole
4. Move ball six inches from any fixed obstacle - no penalty
5. Keep pace with the group in front of you
6. Stay on walkways and putting surfaces only
7. Be courteous to others - no profanity
8. DO NOT: Swing putters, run, or climb on rocks 
10. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated

*Photos of each mini golf hole coming soon!